Royal Mail, Eastwood

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Royal Mail
NG16 3SE Eastwood
Nottinghamshire England
*This location is permanently closed. Please select a nearby branch.

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, more than 6 months ago

NG16 5?? - Had the same - Card through the door " No-one at home" ! numerous times Farce. Then improved after three separate eight-mile trips, in a fortnight with words. A tiny registered first class letter - to be delivered - took two extra days A similar letter posted Friday - promised delivery - Monday 22/11/16. The daily advertising rubbish pile and one letter delivered today early. The second registered letter not delivered yet today - Tuesday at present time 14:15. Phoned depot Twice - rang ten minutes - on first phone call - then was picked up - and put down. Second-time phone Call was not answered at all. A British service getting worse than the Britain's Railways, or even the British Police.

, more than 6 months ago

What has happend to our mail? We have not had our mail delivered properly since the beginning of the year. We are expecting insurance documents , bank statements and personal mail, where has it gone?. Our insurance company sent documents out on the 15th february , not arrived, Our neighbours mail is being delivered to another property in a street near by. Luckily the house holder is delivering their mail to them herself. Is anyone in NG16 having the same trouble? Have complained but have heard nothing as yet. What a disgusting service

, more than 6 months ago

Dreadful - parcel hasn't arrived. They won't look for it. The phone options cascade through a whole series that leads back to the start and tells me to ring the number I started with. Ridiculous waste of time and expensive rate line.

postman aren't allowed to use a bell !!

, more than 6 months ago

wo adults in house, two cars on drive, windows wide open. Working bell which rings in three separate locations. Card thro door ' no-one at home' ! Card left and found two minutes after allegedly attempting delivery. On ringing customer services I was informed " delivery personnel are not allowed to ring doorbells " Sooner this lot is privatised the better!

by more than 6 months ago

I live in a 1st floor flat, and when the postman comes, he (or she) ALWAYS rings the bell downstairs. I've never had a problem. As for privatising Royal Mail, just look at the state of the railways!

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